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    Welcome to Suzhou Kai You Electronic Technology Co., Ltd!
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    Jiangsu KAIYOU electronics technology co., LTD. Was established in May 2010, is located in known as "The river tail sea head first town" ____ LiuHe town, the town has a unique geographical advantage, north of Shanghai shipping center combination port - Taicang port development zone, Yangtze river to the east, the south ofi Baoshan district, Jiading district, the west looked at the world famous cultural city of Suzhou. LiuHe town land and water transportation is convenient, 35 kilometers away from Shanghai hongqiao airport, taicang port terminal 15 kilometers. Hutai, Suliu level 1 km in the intersection of two countries, from high-speed, along the river Suzhou-Kunshan expressway is only 5 kilometers, traffic is very convenient.
    KAIYOU is a focus on the liquid metal die casting materials research and development, manufacture and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. Is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong HUNGFORCE, with a total investment of 150 million yuan, in taicang city government support, we formed their own liquid metal industrialization base. The company depends on the relevant scientific research institutes and technology of China, the major scientific and technological achievements. And received six national patents. In the field of liquid metal, has formed a complete system of intellectual property rights, the technical level of sophistication in a leading position in the world.
    KAIYOU and China Research Institute of the powerful alliances, to build a "liquid metal Valley" R & D center, the establishment of the domestic first-class liquid metal research platform, to enhance the liquid metal industry technology innovation and market competitiveness. Company is committed to build the international well-known liquid metal leading brand, with liquid metal as raw material to develop series of downstream products, extend the industrial chain, enhance the added value of products, in order to realize the great ideal of "Chinese dream" write a new chapter.

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